Are you considering investing in real estate ?

Looking for a low-risk investment, a rental yield, an investment in anticipation of your pension or a renovation project? Our real estate hunters will identify your financial objectives and then accompany you in the search and acquisition of your real estate investment.



Let's meet to establish your financial objectives and the related criteria of selection



Search and presentation of properties corresponding to your specific criteria



Property visits, analysis, budget, estimates and advice



Discussions with sellers to reach an agreement that meets your objectives



Signing of authentic deed and taking possession of the property

Investment objectives.

Rental yield

The search for a rental yield represents a calculation across an entire real estate investment project. It is important to take into account credit requirements, interest rates, rental vacancies, maintenance investments and many other parameters.


Carrying out short-term transactions is similar to the activities of goods dealers. Knowledge of market prices, the ability to estimate renovation costs as well as knowing how to value the renovated property selling price are essential elements to succeed in these projects.

Long-term investment

You invest to diversify your assets, count on a rental yield consistent with the market and hope for a long-term capital gain. A good real estate investment will ensure your financial needs when you retire.

Real estate investment hunter.

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